Values and Culture
Transparent Leadership

The leadership at Joom supports transparency and openness in all aspects of business. We discuss our performance, set ambitious objectives and review them all together. We have a culture where we are not afraid to discuss if something goes wrong — rather, we think together how we can improve the results.

Each employee has access to all our financial results, analytics and business metrics, and can always ask questions of the CEO or any other senior-level manager.

Equal Rights

Founder, junior analyst or team lead — everyone has an equal number of benefits regardless of their grade or seniority. There are equal office space conditions for everyone. Business travel rules are equal for everyone — you will never see a situation where the CEO flies business class and a junior specialist is stuck in economy.

Medical insurance is equal for everyone. Every single moment of our life in the company is based on a culture of equal rights.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We are a rapidly growing company and constantly looking for new talents from around the world. Therefore, it’s important for us to provide equal opportunities to everyone, recognise and respect differences in people and respect an individual’s experience within his/her workplace and society. We welcome everyone from different geographies and backgrounds and believe that our differences help us become only better.


When we ask the question, "How are you?", it’s not just to be polite. We care about our employees’ wellbeing. How do they feel? Do they feel accepted and understood? Do they have enough support? Our Love&Care department knows how to make sure that everyone feels comfortable working for Joom regardless if they are in the office or working remotely. We also demonstrate our caring by conducting constant surveys asking employees their opinions on how we as a company can improve.


Technology is at the center of our culture. We always seek to leverage IT and payment technologies to create new products and solutions for our consumers and businesses around the world. Our main asset is our talented and passionate IT specialists. Working in such a dynamic and technological environment allows everyone to grow and develop themselves just by doing their everyday work and communicating with their talented colleagues.


Here at Joom we cherish it when our teams create a close-knit community, so we try to encourage close, personal interactions that can bring Joomers together.

That’s why we have not one, but several types of teambuilding options to choose from, and once a year we have a big teambuilding to celebrate Joom’s anniversary.


At Joom we have a special Option Program, which is designed to motivate and engage employees in our company’s success. The more successful Joom is, the more benefits employees are getting.

Career Growth & Development

From industry and professional conferences to summits and many other platforms — we offer our full support to any employee for pursuing any opportunity that they feel is important for their development and learning.

We also have a strong internal professional community and are always happy to organize internal seminars and meet-ups to share our best skills and knowledge.

Wellness & Medical Insurance

It’s our priority to see that all our employees are healthy and happy. That’s why we ensure that all Joomers get health insurance from the very first day of their employment. To ease some parental worries, children under 18 are also covered by our insurance.

Our medical insurance includes dental, urgent care, emergency care and hospitalisation.

Working out of the office 52 days

In 2024, we introduced a new working policy called 4/1 that focused on bringing all our talents together in one of our great locations around the world. We strongly believe that in many cases working in a shared physical space can increase collaboration and teamwork, improve networking opportunities with your colleagues and provide you with a very important sense of community.

Of course, we are flexible and we do have exceptions based on different circumstances. However, the general rule states that each employee has 52 days available for remote work. They can distribute “Work remotely” days as they wish – immediately allocate 1 day per week from home, or save and take more days when they need it.

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